Monday, July 20, 2009

WCS Now Offers "Green" Snake Fence

EAST GRANBY, Conn. — Ideal for preventing snakes from entering protected areas, the Snake Fence acts as a deterrent and trap at the same time. While shielding snakes from your garden, patio, pool, or even where children might play, the snake that tries to crawl through the Snake Fence will be caught in the mesh. Designed to blend into landscapes, the Snake Fence is extremely durable, requires minimum maintenance, and can be used in various terrain.

There are three different models for the Snake Fence. Each model is 12 inches tall and is offered in either 10 or 25 foot sections. Each model is designed for different snakes, and the dimensions of the mesh are as follows:
Copperhead Snake: ¾ inch mesh; will also hold large water snakes, black snakes, corn & milk snakes. Coral Snake: ¼ inch mesh; also for garter snakes and all smaller sized snakes. Rattlesnake: ¾ x 1 ½ inch mesh; meant for larger snakes.

The Snake Fence comes with everything you need for easy and effective installation: stakes, ground staples, and zip ties. The Snake Fence can be used in various terrain, including uneven ground. If there are roots or rocks where you want to install the Snake Fence simply secure the netting on both sides of the obstacle with the ground staples provided. Other than securing the netting to the ground using the ground staples, the only other installation required is hammering the stakes into the ground. If using two pieces of Snake Fence, zip ties are provided to link the two together. The Snake Fence is an environment friendly means of keeping snakes out of an area and catching those which pose a threat to your safety or property.
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