Saturday, March 04, 2006

Vanish Raccoon Eviction Paste

VANISH raccoon eviction paste causes a biological instinctual reaction in female raccoon to flee an area where she is denning, many times taking her young with her. VANISH is a naturally occurring glandular based product, and it is no more a repellent (nor should it be classed as such) than coyote urine to a coyote !

VANISH has the consistency of a thick paste, making it easier to handle and apply than a liquid. It is especially well suited for evicting denning raccoons from inaccessible areas such as attic recesses, or down chimneys. Simply apply a "smear" of VANISH (approach. 1/2 oz.) to a rag or to a tennis ball and toss as close to the area where she is denning as possible. In the case of a chimney, it is a simple matter to just drop the VANISH laden tennis ball down the flue where the raccoon is dwelling. The ball can then be retrieved for disposal or re-use through the opened damper, once the raccoon and her young have vacated. Place the ball or rag in a plastic ziplock bag and tightly seal it to maintain its' freshness.

If there is a distinct entry/exit hole on the outside of a structure which the raccoon is using for access to an attic area, smear some VANISH on the upper lip of the hole so that the female may get some on her back fur while crawling through the hole. This will add to the effectiveness of the VANISH application.

While no claim is made that VANISH is 100% effective at evicting denning raccoons, since its' introduction to the marketplace in 2003 it has proven 95+ % successful. Remember, you're still dealing with a wild animal and its' reaction to VANISH depends on the individual characteristics of each animal encountered.

PLEASE NOTE: To place or apply VANISH where it will have the greatest chance of success many times involves working on ladders, rooftops, over or under chimney flues, and in confined spaces, i.e. attics. If you are uncomfortable or unsure of yourself in these unsafe situations you should considering hiring a professional wildlife control operator.