Saturday, September 16, 2006

WCS Multi-Catch Rodent Trap

WCS has just introduced their NEW Multi-Catch Rodent trap to the wildlife/pest control markets. There isn't any other trap on the market which provides multi-catch capabilities for chipmunks, rats, and flying squirrels. The WCS Multi-Catch Rodent trap measures 20"L x 12"W x 6"H, and is constructed of 1" x .5" rust resistant, galvanized wire mesh which will render years of service.

The trap features two (2) counter-balanced entry doors, one on each end of the trap which can easily be adjusted for sensitivity by adding or deleting weight on the triggering rods. There is a centrally located bait chamber in the center of the trap, which is equipped with a removable bait basket for ease of baiting or cleaning. There is a latch secured door over the top of the bait chamber and on one end of the trap for easy removal of captured animals.

Animals enter the trap in an attempt to access the bait in the center of the trap, their body weight depresses the inclined door which entices them to enter the interior of the trap (like a see-saw). Once the rodent steps off the opened door the counter-balancing weights close the door behind them. It's that simple !

For baiting you simply remove the bait basket, fill with your favorite rodent bait, i.e. sunflower seed, oatmeal drizzled with pancake syrup, bird seed, bacon grease, etc. Secure the bait in the interior bait chamber and the trap is ready to be placed into position. For chipmunks that may be along a foundation, a stone wall, underneath a bird feeder , etc. For rats, since they are neophobic, you need to be patient, however along a wall or right in the rats pathway. It will take several days for the rats to acclimate to the trap. Flying squirrels are commonly identified as a nuisance in attic spaces, the trap is perfectly sized to be placed there, or in crawlspaces, etc.
I would recommend placing apple slices in the interior of the trap (outside of the bait chamber) if it will be checked on an extended basis.