Thursday, November 29, 2012 has shared: Wisconsin Wolf Hunters and Trappers Nearing Quota Limit

Wolf Hunters and Trappers Nearing Quota
Wisconsin Wolf Hunters and Trappers Nearing Quota Limit


About a third of the way through a four-and-a-half month wolf season, Wisconsin hunters and trappers are nearing the quota limit set by the Wisconsin DNR. sent this using ShareThis. Please note that ShareThis does not verify the ownership of this email address.

Monday, November 26, 2012

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Federal Wildlife Services makes a killing in animal-control business

By Tom Knudson The Sacramento Bee
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Published: Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012 - 12:00 am | Page 1A

As founder of one of the nation's largest urban wildlife damage control companies, Kevin Clark is no stranger to competition.
But one competitor costs him more business than any other: the federal government.
"Government is not supposed to compete, head to head, with the private sector when the private sector is already fulfilling the need," said Clark, chief executive officer of Critter Control, a franchise with branches in California. "Nuisance wildlife control operators are more than capable of handling these problems."
His concern is directed at an agency called Wildlife Services, which is already under scrutiny for its lethal control of predators and other animals in the rural West. A Bee investigative series earlier this year found the agency targets wildlife in ways that have killed thousands of non-target animals, including family pets, and can trigger unintended, negative ecological consequences.
Now the agency's killing of other species in more populated settings is drawing fire from entrepreneurs who say it siphons jobs away from private companies, lacks transparency and overlooks nonlethal alternatives.
"It's been such an uphill struggle," said Erick Wolf, CEO of a California firm called Innolytics, which developed a form of birth control for Canada geese and pigeons with help from Wildlife Services' scientists in Colorado.
Wildlife Services – which has killed 170,000 geese and more than 950,000 pigeons since 2000 – does not use it.
"All they want to do is shoot, trap and poison," said Wolf. "They don't want to consider anything else."


Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Fwd: Rodents Are Coming

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Wildlife Control Supplies
Wildlife Control Supplies Newsletter
Rodents Are Coming !
November 2012


Rodents are coming. The rodents are coming. Mark my words you'll be inundated with rodent calls with the first cold snap.  Prepare for Rodent Infestation calls now!


Common signs of Rodent Infestation

  • Rodents have muscle memory. They use their muscles to detect the pathways to use again and again. That's why they usually travel along the side of something. This is where you place your traps.
  • Droppings and urine are located wherever they rest or travel.
  • Gnaw marks darken over time; fresh marks are light. Mice make scratch marks approx. 1/16 of an inch; rats make 1/8 inch scratch marks.  Larger marks are typically squirrel.
  • Rodents leave body oil, grease, and dirt along their paths. New marks smear; old ones flake.
  • Use a tracking powder like mason's line chalk for detecting difficult to determine areas of use.  Their tails drag and footprints will be evident the next day.

Tips and Hints

  1. Use food that is MORE attractive than what's available. (N.B. Squirrel & Rodent Paste Bait is a professionals favorite!)
  2. Our motto: Make the animal work for the bait! Place bait in bottom of the bait cup on the snap trap trigger or tie down bait at the back of a cage. 
  3. Bait glue boards.  BUT do not use an oily substance as this will reduce the glue board's stickiness. Keep glue boards away from dust and wet.
Use nesting materials like dental floss or cotton threads with a drop of bait or lure to attract mice and rats. 

As always thank you for your valued business!

Special Offers

Starting this month we'll be expanding our ever popular "Bargain Barn" website section to include Rotating Special Offers.  And of course we'll continue to feature great deals on closeouts and overstocks as well! In keeping with our rodent theme here are this month's specials:

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America Gone Wild

America Gone Wild
The Wall Street Journal, November 2, 2012

This year, Princeton, N.J., has hired sharpshooters to cull 250 deer from the town's herd of 550 over the winter. The cost: $58,700. Columbia, S.C., is spending $1 million to rid its drainage systems of beavers and their dams. The 2009 "miracle on the Hudson," whenUS Airways flight 1549 had to make an emergency landing after its engines ingested Canada geese, saved 155 passengers and crew, but the $60 million A320 Airbus was a complete loss. In the U.S., the total cost of wildlife damage to crops, landscaping and infrastructure now exceeds $28 billion a year ($1.5 billion from deer-vehicle crashes alone), according to Michael Conover of Utah State University, who monitors conflicts between people and wildlife.

Those conflicts often pit neighbor against neighbor. After a small dog in Wheaton, Ill., was mauled by a coyote and had to be euthanized, officials hired a nuisance wildlife mitigation company. Its operator killed four coyotes and got voice-mail death threats. A brick was tossed through a city official's window, city-council members were peppered with threatening emails and letters, and the FBI was called in. After Princeton began culling deer 12 years ago, someone splattered the mayor's car with deer innards