Friday, July 13, 2007

BEAVER: Live Trapping Techniques DVD


"BEAVER....Live Trapping Techniques" DVD

Wildlife Control Supplies, LLC is pleased to present the 2nd in a series of
educational wildlife control and animal handling productions this one titled
"Beaver ...Live Trapping Techniques".

This DVD features Don Lafountain, a Certified Wildlife Control Professional
(CWCP) and a nationally recognized beaver control expert. Don is also
co-owner of Integrated Wildlife Management, a company specializing in all
aspects of nuisance beaver control.
Don has 20+ years in the nuisance wildlife industry and conducts year-round
beaver control projects for State agencies, Fortune 500 companies as well
as private citizens in his home State of Massachusetts. This production
was filmed by two-time emmy award-winning videographer Eric J. Budney,

This DVD covers the following:

* Beaver Biology
* Proper Setting & Safely Handling the Hancock-style trap
* Trap Types Covered:
Hancock-Style trap
Bailey trap
Cage trap
* Set Construction
* Baits & Lures
* Using a Transfer Cage
* More

Thursday, July 05, 2007

WCS Turtle Trap

One of the problems facing anyone who wants/needs to trap turtles is the shear size of most of the traps on the market today. Many of them are rigid, and the size of small refrigerators, not to mention that they may cost as much as a couple of hundred dollars or more. The question quickly becomes.... "how many of these can you fit in your service vehicle", and once you're done with them..."where will you store them" ?

The Turtle Trap by WCS addresses both of these items. This fully collapsible turtle trap is made exclusively for WCS and is designed to handle the largest of turtles. The trap when set up measures 30"W x 25"H x 47"L. It has 3 D-Shaped hoops made of spring steel which forms the trap body, this trap won't roll when placed in the water. The net mesh is 2.5" square and is very durable and will give years of service.

The trap comes complete with "spreader" rods to hold the trap in its' rigid set position. It also has a bait bag included in the rear of the trap for ease of setting. PLEASE NOTE: Leave the top 1/4 of the trap exposed above the surface of the water. Turtles need to be able to come up for air, if you completely submerge your turtle trap you will kill the turtles. If you want to catch turtles and don't want to deal with a cage as large as a refrigerator, this trap is the ticket !

BAITING: This trap is very easy to bait. You take the removeable bait bag (included) out of the trap and fill it with small sun fish, suckers, chicken necks, a piece of beef liver, any type of bloody meat. Then tie the bait bag back into the interior center of the trap. The turtles will smell the bait and enter the trap through the large funnel opening, but can't find their way out. When using a large number of turtle traps it is handy to fill all your bait bags ahead of time and then place them in the freezer. When it is time to go catch turtles, simply remove your pre-loaded bait bags from the freezer and you are ready to go turtle trapping.

WCS Turtle Trap

WCS Collapsible Turtle Traps

Monday, July 02, 2007

Groundhog Kokaine

Let me dispel any myths about what it is………..and what it is NOT !

The BASE of "Ghog Kokaine" is in fact horse sweet feed. But it is just that the BASE, not the active ingredient or major attraction. The horse sweet feed is sprayed with a formulation which is provided to us from James White, the inventor. WCS makes the Ghog Kokaine according to the exact directions provided to us by the inventor and we package it in gallons. It is made FRESH as orders are submitted, WCS does not make Ghog Koke and store it, it is a FRESH bait.

Now, all that being said, will horse sweet feed catch ghogs......."probably", but not nearly as effectively or as lasting as the sprayed material. That’s like saying will straight fruit paste catch a squirrel, sure....but not nearly as many or as consistently as when nut oils are mixed with it !! 'nough said !!