Friday, July 13, 2007

BEAVER: Live Trapping Techniques DVD


"BEAVER....Live Trapping Techniques" DVD

Wildlife Control Supplies, LLC is pleased to present the 2nd in a series of
educational wildlife control and animal handling productions this one titled
"Beaver ...Live Trapping Techniques".

This DVD features Don Lafountain, a Certified Wildlife Control Professional
(CWCP) and a nationally recognized beaver control expert. Don is also
co-owner of Integrated Wildlife Management, a company specializing in all
aspects of nuisance beaver control.
Don has 20+ years in the nuisance wildlife industry and conducts year-round
beaver control projects for State agencies, Fortune 500 companies as well
as private citizens in his home State of Massachusetts. This production
was filmed by two-time emmy award-winning videographer Eric J. Budney,

This DVD covers the following:

* Beaver Biology
* Proper Setting & Safely Handling the Hancock-style trap
* Trap Types Covered:
Hancock-Style trap
Bailey trap
Cage trap
* Set Construction
* Baits & Lures
* Using a Transfer Cage
* More

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