Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Suggested TUBE Trap improvement from a customer

I thought folks might like to see this, a suggestion in from a customer on the TUBE TRAP. Just a note here……you should NOT DRY FIRE TUBE TRAPS as you would perhaps a bodygrip or foothold trap.

Hi Alan: Recently you were good enough to replace some Tube Traps that were damaged due to Dry Firing.
Well thank you very much !
I felt a little guilty taking them but have now figured a way to try and pay you back.
Please find attached some pictures of what I think is the answer to the problem. The rubber pad is meant to absorb the shock of any Dry Firing.

Also I figured how to straighten the kill rod after it gets bent.
I put the tube trap on my work bench and put a long screw driver on the inside of the trap and on the rod. With a lump hammer I give it a couple of shots and the rod returns to its original straightness. Simple but it took me a long time to figure it out.

The screw driver has to go thru the trap in the kill rod slot
Thanks Again
Bill Lane

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