Wednesday, February 06, 2013

NAFA Fur Collection - March 30th

I have confirmed that not only will there be a NAFA Fur Collection on March 30th from 9 am. - 1 pm. at the WCS facility in East Granby, CT., but that Jim Comstock a nationally known trapper and trap manufacturer will be giving a Beaver demo using his Comstock Cage traps as well as bodygrips.

We will also have professional fur handler, Andrew Huot doing fur processing demos, sharing his tips & tricks throughout and showing attendees how fur should be put up to maximize your efforts.   Jay Johnson, owner of Critter Cop wildlife control will be displaying his fur garments and accessories that he produces.

And last but certainly not least, a representative from CT DEEP will be on hand to tage fur prior to it being shipped to auction.   This is a "can't miss" event if you have fur you'd like to send to NAFA, and/or just socialize with other trappers or improve your skills.

Remember:  March 30th, 9am - 1pm., NAFA Fur Collection, WCS, 877-684-7262  
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