Monday, December 10, 2012

Earth Augurs - A Real Time & Energy Saver

I'm currently doing some predator control work and if you're like me you kind of fall into a habit and pattern of how you construct your sets and the tools you use. I take it sort of to an extreme in that I like certain tools to be in particular places so I can reach for them almost intuitively.  Anyway, I've been digging dirt holes with a long-handled trowel for longer than I can remember, but this season decided to do things alittle differently.

Rather than hand digging every hole, I decided to employ some technology and I'm very happy I did !  I like a good sized hole for maximum eye appeal so I decided to give a 3" RK Dirt Augur a try !   I powered the augur with my 18V Dewalt drill, any brand will do I'm sure, but I like the 18V model as it has plenty of Umphhhhhh (thats a technical term).  Anyway, this thing chews through the soil like nobodies business and by running the augur up & down the hole shaft a couple of times the dirt is nicely depostied infront and to each side of the hole, just like an animal had dug it.  It takes less than 30 seconds to bore a hole for your set, and is a huge time and energy saver.  You can see BOTH sizes of  Earth Augurs here.

Now I admit, it can't be used EVERYWHERE, very rocky soil or lots of tree roots will hinder the Dirt Augurs performance, but if you're working the edges of agricultural fields this tool is the cats meow !!  I'm convinced.............see, you can teach an old dog new tricks !!!   For those of you that like a slightly smaller hole, the RK Dirt Augur is available in a 2" model also.  Give one a try, you won't be disappointed.      
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