Friday, September 09, 2011

Trap-Alert Testimonial

Testimonial from Reginald Murray - Co Owner Oklahoma Wildlife Control® LLC

When we were first asked to "test" this system, I first figured it was another gimmick product made by yet another company that wished to make an attempt to find consumers in the wildlife control industry … were we ever wrong.

We have tested a single New Frequency "Trap-Alert" system on two traps set up for skunk removal under a Tulsa, OK residential home. The first day, this system reported the doors open, which constitutes our legal trap check for the 24 hour period. I did not know at the time, that by not having to go by the client and visually check the equipment, we saved $80 in daily expenditures and needless "bothering" of the client. The second day on the job, we receive an email stating the door closed status at exactly 7:15PM. Upon investigation, we had a skunk in each trap which was followed later in the evening by another email notification of a closed door status at 8:46 PM. On the third day (today, February 24, 2011) we removed another skunk which was captured under the house. This client was excited to know that we could not only let her know if a door closed, but we could also let her know the time the door closed, and give proper notification of when we would be coming by to remove the problem skunks.

Today, February 24, 2011, we had to go to another client, located 27 miles from us and check our equipment. This second home, does not have the Trap-Alert system on it. We have, in a single day, already learned our lesson. All of our equipment will soon have the Trap-Alert system incorporated on it. Why you ask? Because once we figured mileage and time … this single round trip cost our company $25 in gas, and $150 in time. That's right. A single equipment check, with nothing caught, costs our company $175.

Two non-productive days like this, will cover the costs of a single Trap-Alert system, that can monitor multiple equipment settings.

This is a serious business that we find ourselves in, and it gets more serious and more competitive each day. We will stay on the cutting edge with technology, so that we are not losing money, and we are not inconveniencing our clients by just "showing up".

Thank you New Frequency for "leading the way" with your innovations. We look forward to a mutual long and prosperous business relationship with your company. And we anticipate with eagerness the next GREAT THING your company devises for our industry.

Thank you.

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