Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pneu-Dart Distribution

Wildlife Control Supplies is proud to announce the addition of Pneu-Dart’s chemical capture remote injection delivery systems to their customer product offering. Recognizing the need for its’ professional customer base, WCS selected Pneu-Dart for its’ quality, excellent product support, and wide range of products. Pneu-Dart, of Williamsport, PA, has been manufacturing quality equipment for remote drug delivery since 1967. Pneu-Dart offers a wide range of air-activated, cartridge-fired and gas-powered projectors. From the popular Blo-Jector blowgun style projector to the new high-tech X-Caliber gauged CO2 rifle, Pneu-Dart has the drug delivery solution to suit every professionals needs.

Pneu-Dart also manufactures a vast line of dart types. A variety of injection darts are available, as well as darts for collecting DNA and biopsies. There are also transmitter darts, marking darts and the ever-popular Bear-Scare dart, designed to blow apart on impact and frighten off aggressive animals without harming them.

Wildlife Control Supplies is pleased to offer our customers this exciting line of products. Contact us toll-free 1-877-684-7262 or on the web at http://www.wildlifecontrolsupplies.com/.


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