Thursday, June 14, 2007

Starling Stopper

FROM: Wildlife Control Supplies, LLC


The Starling Stopper is a bird trap designed to humanely and safely remove
baby starlings, at least 1 ½ weeks old, from bathroom and dryer exhaust
vents. The trap itself is 3 ¼ inches in diameter, 9 inches in length and
weighs less than a half pound. It has a clear plastic one-way door to allow
baby birds to enter the trap, and a removable nose cone to allow easy
removal of birds once caught in the trap.

To operate, simply remove the exterior vent cover from the dryer vent in
which the birds are nesting. The mother will typically fly out within 3 - 5
minutes. After insuring the mother bird is out, insert the Starling Stopper
into the vent pipe as far as possible. Seal any gaps between the trap and
the vent pipe with duct tape. Remove your ladder. The mother bird will
return and perch on the edge of the Starling Stopper. She will call her
young into the trap and feed them through the screen on the nose cone.
After 24-36 hours, remove the young from the trap (usually 1-3 at a time)
and place them in a transfer cage to be taken to a rehabilitator, relocate
them nearby or euthanize them, following all applicable local laws.
Re-insert the trap into the vent pipe and repeat until there are no longer
sounds coming from the dryer vent.

Typically starlings will have 2-3 broods per year with 4-6 young in each
brood between March and July. Starlings may carry bird mites and
histoplasmosis spores. Always wear protective gear such as rubber gloves
and a HEPA filter mask when working with or near birds or bird droppings.

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