Friday, February 04, 2011

WNS Fungus Spreads to Indiana

Alan A. Huot
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The Indiana Department of Natural Resources reports that a bat from Washington County tested positive for the fungus associated with White-nose Syndrome. Additional bats with signs of WNS were discovered during bat counts at other Indiana caves, as well. Indiana is now the 15th state to face this devastating disease or the fungus that's tied to it. This represents a significant spread into the upper Midwest.

Many states are conducting surveys at bat-hibernation sites this winter and the results are just beginning to appear. In addition to the discovery of the fungus, Geomyces destructions, in Indiana, Virginia has reported White-nose Syndrome in two additional counties, and Pennsylvania confirmed the disease in Lawrence County.


Nina Fascione
Executive Director

P.S. Researchers are working desperately to find a way to stop this devastating disease before it is too late. Bats need our help more than ever. Please support WNS research and other critical bat conservation programs now.


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