Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is USDA-Wildlife Services UnFairly Competing with Private Industry - You Decide !

Is The USDA Wildlife Services Unfairly Competing With The Private Nuisance Wildlife Control Industry?


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(Fort White) Many do not know it but as fedral and State Budgest are shrinking and every government agency is being asked to make deep budget cuts in staff and services provide a little known agency is not only growing but actually flourishing in these tough economic times.

Local business's are being shuttered down and government growing in a sector that even the agency states as a policy directive that it will not compete yet their actions speak volumes and putting more and m,ore local business's out of work and needing public assistance in some cases.

George Cera back in 2007 began trapping the iguana on Gasparilla Island for Boca Grande Charlotte County Florida. To his credit he trapped over 12000 iguanas and well documented as one of the top iguana trapping experts in the country.


Listen to his story on our podcast called Stop The USDA WS from Competing With Me?

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Listen to Cody Baciouska who offers specialized wildlife and bird control to federal airports and now losing business to USDA Wildlife Services.

Join us in our grassroots efforts to stop USDA Wildlife Services from taking more work from the private sector. If State legislators need something to cut by all means look at the matching state fund expenses that can be cut by discontinuing doing business with USDA Wildlife Services.

Every state in the union can cut budget money by longer having to match federal funds for USDA Wildlife Services. Every governor in the US can find money by simply stop matching federal funds for wildlife control projects that can be done by local business. George Cera put it best when he had the contract he put the money back into the community. The new truck was never purchased from the local dealer and the hiring of USDA in the end has hurt the local economy in many ways!


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