Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Vacuums the Pros Use - The Omega GREEN Supreme IPM vacuum by Atrix

    • http://msg1svc.net/cnudu/179170/69/18952/12394/0/H/plgz.htmlhttp://msg1svc.net/cnudu/179170/69/18952/12394/0/H/plgz.htmlThe Omega GREEN Supreme IPM vacuum is made from high impact Starex flame retardant polymer for durability and long life. It comes complete with all accessories shown. It also features over-heat protection.
    • Filtration - HEPA FILTER (99.97% EFFICIENT @ 0.3 MICRON) A self contained HEPA filter cartridge reduces the risk of virus and bacteria dispersion. Most odors are contained. The cartridge filter makes filter changes easy, clean, and safe. Hose ends and filter can easily be sealed to ensure all debris is contained during transportation and storage.
    • Powerful and Quiet - Will capture everything from cockroaches and bed bugs to even hazardous particles.
    • Warranty - 3 year

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