Sunday, June 07, 2009

CT Anti-Trap Legislation - A note from their Treasurer

The CT Legislation Session ended at midnight June 3rd without passing one Bill that would have impacted our right to trap in Connecticut!
 We won this battle due to all of your efforts, perseverance, and vigilance.
 Every letter, email, and phone call to your Representatives and Senators made a difference.
 We have many to thank, from organizations like the NTA and FTA that stayed in constant contact with us, organizations throughout the country who donated to our Legal Defense Fund, to the DEP with their Fiscal Impact documentation, to the CT NWCO organization, to our lobbyst, to Jeff Serena from the Examiner.Com ...
The CTA will thank them all officially.
 We have much more to do now, we cannot sit back on our laurels, we need to compile all of our "lessons learned", determine where we need to enhance our strategies, discuss opportunities to build upon our Legal Defense Fund and build upon our memberships attention to information by the best means possible.
 Once I can enjoy a few days of deep sighs knowing that this is over, I will be sending our new correspondence on upcoming activities that will need your continued support and involvement.
 May your boots stay dry and your plews be prime!
Regards,  Herb

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