Sunday, August 26, 2007

NY State Trappers Convention

WCS will be attending the NY State Trappers Convention being held in Herkimer, NY over the Labor Day weekend. This is perhaps the eighth or ninth year in a row that we've attended this show. It has gotten to be a mixture of business and pleasure for us as it is as much a social event as anything else. This show draws an excllent crowd and there always is a large number of familar faces. If you haven't ventured out to a show like this in the past I would highly recommend it. The area is great for sightseeing also !

Anyway, I wanted to post something regarding this show since we are setting up a booth in the main building, we will be pulling our trailer and bringing products for display. However, this year we will be traveling "light" as we will be picking up a large quantity of goods during and after the show. By necessity, we cannot come fully loaded with products. My point in mentioning this is that if there is something you specifically need or want from us, don't leave it to chance that we will be bringing it. Call ahead, we will ensure it makes it onto the trailer. I'm just trying to avoid any disappointment. Even in past years, try as we do to bring a wide selection there is always someone who comes by and says "oh, I thought you'd be bringing that" ! Don't take the chance if you really need it......CALL !
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