Monday, August 06, 2007

Beaver: Live Trapping Techniques DVD Testimonial

Heres a testimonial we recently received on our NEW DVD titled "Beaver: Live Trapping Techniques"


Our IADCA Association just bought your DVD as a giveaway in the raffle at our next meeting on Aug. 11. Since I bought it for the association I thought I should preview it to make sure it is acceptable for the members to view… ha ha. I must say you guys have produced the absolute best instructional DVD that I have ever seen. The photography and information presented is very clear and concise. Anyone buying this DVD to learn the equipment and techniques should be able to go right out and do a good job at live beaver trapping. That is quite unlike it was 14 years ago when I bought a two Hancock traps and had to learn by the “seat of my pants” including how to set the traps safely.

You guys have set the standard for instructional information and one can only hope that others will take the cue from you.

Thank you, Tim Christie, Wildlife Management Services

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