Thursday, September 06, 2012

Parker Dozhier Passes..........

Parker Dozhier

The trapping community mourns the loss of a true icon and friend as Parker Dozhier passed away last week.
"Under any circumstances, it's a hard chore to write about the death of a friend," Trapper & Predator Caller Executive Editor Jim Spencer said. "But when that friend is also a co-worker, a peer, a mentor, a fellow practitioner of your passions and one of your personal heroes to boot, it's doubly hard. Parker Dozhier was all of those things to me, and now that he's gone, he's left a hole."

“It’s not one that will be filled any time soon. Parker walked with a huge footprint in this industry — probably bigger than any other single person since John Jacob Astor. Certainly bigger than anyone alive today. He had enemies — no one could be as plain-spoken and forthright as Parker Dozhier was and not make some — but his friends throughout the fur trade and beyond far outnumbered those who didn’t like him. We will all miss him terribly.”

Dozhier, who had been battling cancer, became one of the most respected voices in the fur industry through his work as a trapper, consultant, rural fur dealer and fur marketing agent. He traveled the world in the name of fur. Through his efforts, the otter and muskrat fur trade opened in China in 1985. It was the first export of North American furs to mainland China since 1949.

As the fur market expert for Trapper & Predator Caller, Dozhier provided an integral link between trappers and the fur market. From the January 1983 issue of Trapper & Predator Caller through the January 2012 issue, Dozhier penned the “Fur Market Report.” With unrivaled knowledge of the fur industry and an incredible array of friends, sources and business acquaintances in every corner of the globe, he was largely recognized as the most reliable fur market analyst in the world.
Dozhier, who lived near Hot Springs, Ark., was 70 years old.
Wildlife Control Supplies sends our deepest condolences to the Dozhier family. 

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