Thursday, October 21, 2010

ICWDM Creating NWCO Training Manual

The ICWDM has drafted a NWCO Training manual to provide training and meet license requirements by companies and states. 

We are looking for individuals who are interested in review some or all of the chapters.  Here is a list. 

NWCO Training Modules 
1.       Principles of Wildlife Damage Management – Introduction to principles, definition of concepts, best practices concepts,. 
2.       Physical Safety - The section on physical safety (like ladder safety) and expand on details related to working in the field dealing with animal capture and certain control techniques. 
3.       Wildlife Diseases – We discuss personal safety, personal protection equipment, common diseases, and the meaning and problems of zoonotic diseases. 
4.       Site Inspection – The process and theory of onsite investigation of wildlife damage complaints. 
5.       Overview of wildlife control methods - The overview of control methods prepares technicians for the control techniques they fill find in the species specific information. 
6.       Animal Handling—Treatment and capture of free-ranging and trapped animals. . 
7.       Euthanasia & Carcass Disposal—Killing methods and options for the disposition of carcasses.
8.       Business Practices – Overview of standard business practices. This is NOT a how to run you business. 
9.       Legal and Ethical Issues –  The importance of following federal, state and local laws. Demonstration of values, business and personal ethics, the ethical treatment of wildlife (animals in general) in the media. 

Species Modules 

Reviewers should be 
a. experienced wildlife control operators (more than 3 years). CWCPs are particularly wanted. 
b. comfortable with Microsoft Word and able to use the Track Changes Function, 
c. willing to provide edits (both deleting and adding content), 
d.  able to return the chapters within 7 days of receipt. 
e. those willing to provide additional photo support would be most welcomed. 

All reviewers will be acknowledged (if they wish) in the relevant chapters and a free copy of the book when it is published. 

If you are interested in helping, please send an e-mail to  stating 
a. which chapters you wish to review. 
b. your qualifications 
c. date when the edited documents will be returned. 

Questions can be submitted via e-mail or by calling 402-472-8961  central time. 

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