Saturday, May 29, 2010

Matt & Tracy DeBarber !!

So I recently attended the National Trappers Association regional convention in Greenwich, NY and on the last day of the show I was standing at my booth when all of a sudden I picked up my head and lo & behold Matt DeBarber was standing in front of me ! If that wasn't enough of a surprise I turned my head and there was his wife, Tracy !

I hadn't seen these two folks for YEARS and they've done an awfully good job of "flying under the radar" ! These two go back to the early days of the CT NWCO Assoc.. Tracy was even the treasurer for a period of time. Matt went to Las Vegas with Eric Shaffer and myself the first year WCT was held out there.

Matt is still involved in wildlife control work, they enjoy their time in the country, and they both agreed to attend a future CT NWCO meeting, as I assured them everyone will be happy to see them and know they are doing well.
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