Saturday, August 08, 2009

NEW CT Hunting & Trapping Regulations

On Wednesday, July 29, 2009, the Legislature's Regulations Review Committee approved the DEP regulations package affecting hunting, trapping and falconry. The regulations will be effective upon filing with the Secretary of the State.

As a reminder, the new regulations will:
1) Eliminate the interview process for physically disabled persons to obtain a crossbow permit;
2) Eliminate orange requirements for bowhunting on state lands that are designated as archery-only;
3) Allow crossbows on private lands in Deer Management Zones 11 and 12 during the January season;
4) Remove the 3 shell limit for hunters during the September goose season;
5) Eliminate the season bag limit on beaver and extend the trapping season to March 31;
6) Move the fisher trapping season to December and increase the season bag limit from 2 to 4;
7) Move the spring turkey season forward by one week to start on the last Wednesday in April;
8) End the spring turkey season on the last Saturday in May;
9) Allow spring turkey hunters to obtain both a state land and private land permit;
10) Establish a second junior turkey hunting training day and extend the hunting hours on junior turkey hunting training days to 5:00pm;

11) Extend the private land muzzleloader deer season to the end of December;
12) Create a second junior deer hunting training day;
13) Allow deer hunters on private land to use a bow during the shotgun/rifle season;
14) Accommodate automated licensing regarding the tagging of deer and turkey and methods of reporting harvest; and
15) Amend the falconry regulations to redefine hybrid raptors the same way that the federal laws do, to change the permit duration and reporting requirements to a June-July calendar year, and to change the fee for a non-resident falconry permit from $75.00 to $14.00 annually.

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