Monday, July 02, 2007

Groundhog Kokaine

Let me dispel any myths about what it is………..and what it is NOT !

The BASE of "Ghog Kokaine" is in fact horse sweet feed. But it is just that the BASE, not the active ingredient or major attraction. The horse sweet feed is sprayed with a formulation which is provided to us from James White, the inventor. WCS makes the Ghog Kokaine according to the exact directions provided to us by the inventor and we package it in gallons. It is made FRESH as orders are submitted, WCS does not make Ghog Koke and store it, it is a FRESH bait.

Now, all that being said, will horse sweet feed catch ghogs......."probably", but not nearly as effectively or as lasting as the sprayed material. That’s like saying will straight fruit paste catch a squirrel, sure....but not nearly as many or as consistently as when nut oils are mixed with it !! 'nough said !!

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