Sunday, February 11, 2007

Kaba Bird Shock tape for Billboards

KABA bird shock tape is ideal for billboard structures because the 1/32" flat profile doesn't represent a significant trip hazard to workers. KABA is the most flexible electrical product ever offered because it is 'tape'. Changing elevations or hopping over the bolts heads is done without having to end runs and make electrical connections. It can be rolled out on horizontal or vertical surfaces. It can be laid upon small diameter pipes and catwalk toe plates. Of the many billboards where KABA has been installed, board owners elected to have a dedicated A/C circuit tied to a circuit breaker found at the base of the mast pole to disable the system while workers perform routine maintenance tasks. The pictures taken are of the KABA rubber tape product, which is black in color. Its glued on with a urethane sealant adhesive, commonly found at any home improvement store. Please note:
KABA is also available as a peel & stick "clear" product for architecturally sensitive or historically significant structures where invisibility of the product is of the utmost importance. The kaba tape is actually clear although the picture shows it with a red backing which is peeled off when applied. The clear kaba tape has its' own adhesive.
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