Friday, October 21, 2005

Back from Nashville

Carol & I just returned from the National Pest Management Show (NPMA) in Nashville and all I can say is .................WOW!. What an event this was. Held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort, which just to give you an idea as to the size of this facility, the hotel complex is 54 acres under one roof ! Two words, spectacular and amazing !

The NPMA is a world-class event and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in either pest or wildlife control. This conference also attracts quite a number of people from around the globe, we were told that there were 40 countries represented by the attendees. One item of note, there were a total of 5 educational sessions held which had a wildlife related theme. This is the most ever offered at an NPMA conference. Tim Julien, NWCOA Pres., gave a presentation on goose control which was very well received.

While the NPMA is understandably a pest-control focused event, judging from the level of interest we experienced at our booth, there certainly continues to be a growing interest in wildlife control and its' opportunities. The '06 NPMA will be held in Grapevine, TX and based upon our reception at the '05 conference, WCS will be there.

Switching gears: I just completed my first interview on WCOradio. What an exciting experience, oour WCS hat is off to BOTH Jeff Norris and Kirk LaPierre for bringing this communications platform to the industry. You can listen to each episode on WCO radio in the convenience our your home on your computer, or download it for listening on your IPOD or other MP3 player. As Kirk and Jeff both mentioned many times throughout the interview, this is your WCO radio show. So take the time to listen in, make comments, suggestions, criticisms.............heck, they want to hear it all !!

I can honestly say it was MY privilege to be asked to participate in such a groundbreaking event, we have some fun, hopefully delivered some valuable information.....and Frank Speicker won a mole video. CONGRATS to Frank !!

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